Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Here we are again.  Perhaps that's the royal we.

I think the time has come to write myself out of the funk I've fallen into over the last 18 months.  I had a lot of good reasons for falling into the funk.  Turning 40, marital woes, money and job concerns, school fright - you name it.  It all really boiled down to one thing, being a crisis of confidence.  Which is odd in some ways, since the reason I started the Rambler was to help rebuild my sense of self as an artist, and in that respect, it was an unparalleled success - I've never before felt the confidence I do now as an artist.  But I also have to admit that my confidence in every other area is lacking, as is my interest.

Interest is a crucial thing in maintaining a healthy and productive life.  'Going through the motions' is what they call it, otherwise, and that's as perfect a euphemism for masturbation as I've ever heard.

Anyway.  Time to get back into the grind of this thing.  Time to wrestle my brain back into shape and get my spirit looking away from its ectoplasmic feet.