Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Why I Oughta...

Another thing that's happening around this time is the annual urge to clean and remodel.  This year, I'm being more ambitious than usual.  On the docket (in addition to finishing up the Yarn Barn re-hang) is a new ceiling in the kitchen, getting the basement cleared out and organized, finishing up the back porch, building a reading nook/bench/cabinet in the master bedroom, and (perhaps) regrout the bricks on the front stoop.

The goal is to get the kitchen ceiling and basement work organized, so that I can rent a dumpster for a couple of days and get all the demolition debris and basement crap out the door at the same time.   This probably means that I'd have to get the basement sorted out in advance of the dumpster arrival, which requires thinking and making decisions about piles of stuff.  This is pretty much the thing in life I'm worst at - figuring out what to do with my stuff, and fighting the desire to hold on to simply everything.  I'm definitely not a hoarder, thank goodness, but, boy, if there's a compulsion spectrum similar to Autism for the hoarding instinct, I'm definitely on there, somewhere.  Whatever the hoarding equivalent to mild Asperger's is, that would be me.