Saturday, April 28, 2007

Defib 101

How to resuscitate a blog whose last post is about recovering from the holidays? The holiday season of 2005, that is? Well, with a new goal towards the blog:

1) Apply no quality controls whatsoever (just like a real blog!)
2) Open brain, spill forth.
3) Just keep on typing even when you have no ideas!

This should work like a charm.

Actually, this first posting is just a test to see if I can even get the Google blog widget to work, properly. The idea is that it's supposed to appear as an integral part of my own website - nice option, that! - but with my track record of really misunderstanding even the simplest web functions, I think that anyone who tries to view it will instead be sent to a pdf of the quarterly earnings statement from the Royal Bank of Nepal. Which, frankly, would be more entertaining that anything I'm liable to come up with.

Anyhow, I'm now going to hit the 'preview' link, and if it looks alright, I'll hit the little red 'publish' button. And it's over to YOU, mythical reader.

But first, two promises:

1) This blog will never be a mope-fest about how the world has wronged me. Oh, for sure: the world has SERIOUSLY wronged me, don't get me wrong. But who wants to read about that?
2) I will endeavor to do my best to include at LEAST one (1) numbered list in each post, and at least two (2) words set in all caps for emphasis.

That last is only until I get my html together and work out how to put things in [b]bold letters.[/b]. Wish me luck.


Damn. How's this?

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