Thursday, February 18, 2010

Banner Week in Crazytown

So you've had a bad week, and you think a good solution would be to bring a gun to a staff meeting and shoot your co-workers; or burn your house down, get in your own plane and fly it into the local IRS offices; or - I dunno - I'm sure some other fucker will come out of the woodwork shortly and show us some pointless, petty act of horrible violence that we hadn't yet considered.

Resorting to violence is essentially the acknowledgement that you've lost whatever argument you thought you were having, and now you just want to hurt people. Wow, you're so terribly clever with that weapon in your hand. You've sure proven everyone wrong. You were driven to it. They made you do it.

There is nothing empowering in causing others to suffer.


1 comment:

Noah Baerman said...

Amen Dave. The human race is not doomed necessarily, but certainly has some work to do . . .