Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Three Minutes to Midnight

Just doing some last minute downloading before I sack it for the night - so, since I've been thinking about returning the Rambler to the days of more frequent posting, this seems like an ideal opportunity to start back in with the strategy that used to be the site's bread and butter.  To wit: just start typing and hope that something comes out the other side.

The big thing going on in my life right now is just having a lot going on.  I've literally been going since 7:30 this morning, and haven't had more than an hour of what you would consider 'down time' in there.  And this is a good thing, yes?  In recent years, I've had too much work and I've had not enough work, and too much work absolutely is preferable.

One thing about this is that I suddenly recognize a strong need for organization.  I've always been pretty good at keeping things going in my head, but with the sheer amount of disparate work coming in from all angles, I owe it to myself and my clients to start keeping a database of some sort so that I can best keep track of the progress of each job.  It seems like such a simple thing (and I've kept The Tappan Sea doing that with the recording progress), but for me it's a pretty big realization that tools of that sort are there to help.

Oddly, it has a lot in common with the realization back in February/March that I could add tools like tracing vellum and computers to my process in the two math portraits and it would only improve the work - that it wasn't about challenging myself to meet some ideal, it was about what's best for the work and how to take the pressure of little things off the mind so that I can better focus my energies where they need to be.

Gah - this is starting to sound like some kind of weird self-help Rambler, isn't it?  How awful.  I'll pack it full of scatology next time...


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