Sunday, July 11, 2010

Things Fix Themselves, Sometimes

Nothing major, of course, but I find it promising that the Blogger search function in the bar at the top of the screen is now working again.  Meaning that you (or, more likely, me) can search the entire Rambler archives for a particular entry/entries.  Even if you don't use it, it still benefits you, since I use it to review previous entries on a particular topic so that I don't repeat myself when I revisit it.

Oddly, the search widget in the sidebar still doesn't function, so I'm removing it.  Hopefully, that won't make the top one cease to function.  It seems highly unlikely, but is it really any less likely than one working all of a sudden after failing to work for weeks while the other still doesn't work?  Ah, Google.

However, me big impressed by the new Blogger Template Editor Function, with a whole host of really nice templates and a seriously flexible set of variables.  So I'm dropping in a new tweaked template to replace the eyesore that I adopted when I first went with the CNAME version of the Rambler.  And I'm glad to see that the changeover is really starting to pay off - it was a hassle, but there turn out to be a number of plusses and the minuses (such as the non-functioning search widget) are slowly diminishing.

I've also taken the opportunity to move the Followers tab down to the bottom of the page.  This is not me discouraging you from following - merely an acknowledgement that no-one has signed on since I added it back in April, and it's sort of embarrassing to have it sitting there in plain sight as a reminder.

I think I'll take this as a sign/opportunity to add back in the tag function, for things like the Floyd reviews, Your Weekend Listening and Vomit Comics.  You're welcome.


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