Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dusty in Here

That title is two things - both the usual meta-commentary as I come back to the Rambler after increasingly long leaves of absence, and also Dusty Springfield's follow-up to her 60's hit disc 'Dusty in Memphis.'  'Dusty in Here' turned out to not be nearly as good or as iconic, seeing as how - although it was outtakes from the Memphis sessions - it consisted entirely of the British chanteuse doing warm-up exercises and doing inaccurate and increasingly drunken impressions of Hubert Humphrey.

Be that as it may, the expanded Archival Edition CD comes highly recommended!  Five out of five, oh, let's say 'stars' and be done with this.

So, what's new in Daveland?  Not a whole heckuvalot.  Most of my time over the last few months has been dedicated to work and school, to the point where sometimes I look at a week ahead of me and get kind of daunted by the sheer amount of scheduling voodoo that I'll have to perform if I even want to do laundry.  Still, this past week I've finally started on the much-promised-to-Yesenia master bedroom renovation.  In any other house, it would be a simple (!) matter of throwing up some paint and changing the window treatments, but with the delaminating plaster ceiling and seriously, seriously drafty winters, everything must go!

Even then, I would have probably just patched the ceiling and let it be, but given that not one, not two, but three ceilings have collapsed in this house since 2007, I figured it was tempting fate to leave the clearly aching-to-fall 95-year-old ceiling over our bed alone.  So we've moved the mattress in the other room and are living like college students while I hack at things.

Then comes the insulation.  Then the drywall.  Then the plaster.  Then the masking.  Then the primer.  Then the painting.  Then the weeping.  Well, there's probably going to be weeping all along.  I'm so lazy.


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