Thursday, May 17, 2012

More or Less More

Been attempting to gear up for recording, which (if you'll recall) is a big part of this year's creative agenda.  That is, the agenda is to actually be creative, which can sometimes fall by the wayside when you're focusing on other things.  One of the things about recording, though - while I've done plenty of the 'one man band' types of things that multitrack recording allows, I find these days I much prefer producing music as a collaborative activity.

And there's the rub: all of my collaborators have schedules that I - and they - could only describe as 'insane.'  One of the predictable byproducts of the recession is how much more companies are trying to get out of their current stable of employees, and with Edz, the drummer for both the Tappan Sea and Dave solo stuff (same person, of course) currently working nights and Saturdays, the actual creative agenda for the year hasn't quite been able to get off the ground.*

I've been able to use the time to get my own stuff in order - polishing off songs that have sat with unwritten lyrics; sussing out the pool of musicians to get some nice instrumental overdubs when the time comes; etc.  But at some point, you need the energy that comes from actually starting work, and I'm itchy. No doubt about it.

Anyway, Edz will become available in a couple of weeks, and I'm also going to track a few of the solo songs with Sean on drums shortly, so that's sorting itself out.  Oddly, I've always found strong drummers easy to come by.  It's the lack of available guitar players that's always been my achilles' carpal tunnel syndrome. What's that about?


*A note of explanation, if you need: drums generally come first in multitrack recording.

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