Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Flash! Ahhh-ahhh!

In the process of putting together a quick and 'simple' site in Flash for Kalliope, to help her promote her work and upcoming appearance at the Baltimore Comicon. I usually don't hop-to to do free web-work - hell, I usually drag my ass when I do paid web-work, but I bear a good part of the weight of her decision to attend, and seeing as how she's putting all of her money into the table fee and the cost of printing her comic, the least I could do (the very least) was put together a little web brochure for it.

I should be done later tonight. And by done, I mean, 'totally fried.' Man, Flash gives you them great results, but each page finished takes a chunk outta your soul...

BTW: Thanks, all, for attending the party at Beadboard Manor on Saturday. You'll be pleased to know that I've fixed the doorknob...



Christine said...

If you ever need any help/tips in Flash, you know who to call (or, rather, whose fiancee to call)... btw, on Friday I returned home to a very frustrated developer trying like hell to quickly learn AS3 while the client kept calling and changing their minds for the ad that of course kept being due NOW NOW NOW despite all the changes... fun times.

Glad to hear the doorknob's fixed! :)

Dave Kopperman said...

I'm good with everything in Flash except building scrollbars, which is sheer torture.