Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Okay - my last class was originally supposed to be this coming Monday, the 14th. Which means that the final exam - the big megillah - was going to be on that day. It was certainly going to be tight, and the professor crammed a lot of stuff in to the last three classes. But I was prepared to be prepared.

But last night, we found out that RCC had added another Monday to the schedule. Meaning that each student in class now has the option of either taking the test on the 14th (after an hour's review), or taking it on the 21st.

I'm honestly not sure what course of action I should take. I throw it to the room, then: opinions?


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shaunian said...

If you think you won't forget anything or do any worse by waiting, I say wait. There's always a chance you'll do better or learn more in the extra time.