Tuesday, January 12, 2010


the mystic we

1. the world is ripe
with ghosts in walls
and invisible membranes
a thing that is impossible to see
at best
and at worst, an ineffable

the authorization of
a tired attendant
that free-running time
at the back of somebody’s
unused toolshed

too many words
too few thoughts
has perhaps given rise
to too, too many
imperfect attempts at perfection.

2. Having sometimes known
what it is that I am attempting
to get at,
I find that the most frustrating
game of all are those
oceans between
that roll and heave
an unnatural sickness
difficult to explain

"You would have to have been there"
she says, thinking me
incapable of comprehension
capable of incomprehension
I am both-

a fantastical janus
a new-fangled kind of cat
that lands on its back
without even having
fallen from some higher perch
going for the goldfish?
the bird?
the squirrel?
the sun?

no-one could catch
my nimble-footed failure
but I'm sure that I was
impressive to behold.

3. EVEN SO...
the trees are words
the bed is a book
the clock is a volume
of unlearned responses
knowed by some other

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