Sunday, March 28, 2010

In Like Flynn and Ugly As Sin

Goddamn, but this color scheme and template is a fucking eyesore, isn't it? It didn't look good even five minutes after I settled on it, but Blogger templates are so limited and digging through the code to get them to look decent is always such a bitch.

In the meantime, I'll mess around with the color scheme a bit until I get something tolerable. But, man...

In other news: our heater decided to go all fritzy yesterday - I was wondering why the house seemed so cold, and the answer was that the ignition didn't actually ignite. We only worked out that the heater wasn't working Friday evening, by which time it would have been a minimum $200 fee to get the service guy to come out, so we opted to hold off until Monday, cold snap be damned.

Today, we went out to search for a space heater (which is really the type of thing we should have) and found that - with the exception of one of those cheesy fireplace numbers at Bloodbath & Beyond - there isn't a single space heater for sale in Rockland County. They're considered 'seasonal,' so their aisle was filled with air conditioners, fans, and garden gnomes.

Killing time, we went to see How to Train Your Dragon, which we both enjoyed thoroughly. I knew in advance I was going to like it, since it was made by Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois, the team behind late-period Disney classic Lilo and Stitch - and really dealt with a lot of the same themes, mainly, compassion and understanding overcoming inbred antagonism, and taking a monster and making it into a really cool pet.

After that, we delivered a box of truffles to Karl - they're really good truffles - then we went to feed my parents' cats and see if we could find a space heater there. Indeed, we did - a sweet little Holmes number that's keeping our bedroom nice and toasty, even while the temperature in the rest of the house is below 50 degrees. So I'll be moving the heater into Yesenia's office tomorrow while I work on the oil portrait in there, as I'm not big on the whole artist-freezing-in-garret meme.

Finished off the day with a couple of episodes of Jamie Oliver's new Food Revolution which - and you can take this quite seriously, since I normally loathe 'reality' television - is an excellent show. A reference point would be more Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days, meaning that Food Revolution is about as close to thoughtful documentary as you're ever going to get on network television. At least in the first two episodes. Of course, since it is network television - and the Disney-owned ABC at that - it's still manipulative and clearly edited-for-effect, but the subject matter is wholly gripping and Jamie Oliver has apparently become a hero of mine. Take that as you will.

I also spent a little bit of time working on the website for the recently-singerless but finally-named band-with-no-name, but I'll wait until we've got something to show before announcing the name or the site.


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