Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Crunch & Plunge

Forgive me for being too lazy to post photos - there are images and they will be posted at some point - but the basement of Beadboard Manor has just undergone the most radical modification in its 90-year history (that I know of, at any rate).  The dry basement team came in and spent three days digging a deep trench all the way around the interior wall, then laid in gravel, slotted pipe, some military grade pumps, and fresh concrete to top it all off.

The foreman complained to me - contractors always seem to be the kvetchy type - that he pulled more soil out of here than on any other basement job he's ever done.  Thinking that's because they have to dig down to a certain depth, but our floor (having been poured in 1925) is a little thinner than most.

Anyway, one of the major side benefits of this is that the house no longer smells like cat pee, and now I have to figure out how to prevent the cats from rescenting the perimeter.


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