Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fresh from the Subconscious

Part II of this morning's between-alarms dream.  Part I is a little too Freudian & obvious to write about here.  Suffice it to say that the crew of Terok Nor made an appearance.

In the surf with my (fictional) cousin at some gray, cold and dreary northeastern beach.  The water is crowded and there are other sorts of obstructions right along the water's edge - odd smallish rock formations.

Paddling in the shallows, I move down the beach to a place where it's less crowded.  My cousin prefers to stay where he is.  The coarse sand ends and I start to feel slimy stuff under my feet.  Like when awake, I'm repulsed and I try to pull myself tighter, both feet away from the bottom.  Then I feel what I presume to be a jellyfish next to me, and I start to worry about getting stung.

The tide pulls out and I see single shoots of some ivy-like green plant all over the exposed wet sand.  I can't float any longer, and where my feet and arms touch these plants, they sting badly.  I'm now fully down on my back and the plants start to grow and grab at me.  I tear them when I yank my arms forcibly, but there are many and they're growing faster.

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