Saturday, March 31, 2012

Clicka Clicka Clicka

This has been the day of cleaning, both analog and virtual.  We had originally planned for John and GF Johanna to come by for dinner, but they ended up canceling around 2 PM.  It worked out well, though: we used the 'oh shit, company!' energy to get the house cleaned up - including my office, hopefully for an arranging that sticks.  Plus, we still went ahead with the planned dinner for just the two of us - Yesenia made a kick-ass bread pudding from a Christmas-gifted panettone, and then we made our usual pizzas.  Our method is that I make the dough, and Yesenia makes the sauce and prepares the pies.  It's kind of our no-fail system, and indeed, the two pies were excellent as always.

In between all that - and while doing all the laundry, to boot - I decided that the time had finally come to work on a long-delayed project and set to gathering the necessary files.  Since it's a video file, I needed to clear space on the Manputer, at its usual high premium - about 15 GB left.  No problem, said I, I'll just back a bunch of shit up to my external drive.

Oho.  External drive turns out to only have about 25 GB free out of 500.  So, the video project morphs first into file triage - backing up very low priority files onto DVD and deleting from the external drive, and then organizing all of the files on the computer drive, moving to the external and then deleting the originals.

After that, it's just a matter of moving the video and audio files to the computer, and...

...hmmmph.  28 GB free.  Probably not enough space.  The problem is, the next step is digging into my iTunes and iPhoto to see that everything there has been backed up in both locations, and then deleting off my local drive.  That will actually only clear up another 32 GB, so I may have to start considering removing some applications from the Manputer.

Anyway, like all creative endeavors, there's seemingly and endless number of impediments to starting to work.  About the only thing I can use to console myself is that while the impediments are, as usual, self-created, at least they're real and not merely of the mental variety.

Okay.  Off to it.

BTW: Addendum on yesterday's Weekend Listening - turns out that I must have posted it at some point, and then taken it down some time after the fact (unless Christine found a way to make comments on an unposted blog, which, knowing Google, well...).  I can only guess at the reasons, but it's likely that either a) it was getting spammed like crazy, and I thought that unposting and reposting might take care of that, or, more probably, b) I took it down to upgrade the media player and hit technical difficulties and never bothered to deal with it.  Which would be JUST like me.

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