Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dust Cloud Settling

Today marked the first day of Spring Cleaning here at Beadboard Manor, meaning that not everything was cleaned that is marked for cleaning, but it damn sure will be over the next month or so.  Hey, this shit takes time.

Good brain-cleaning day, too.  Anyone following this blog regularly (or even having read it once, quite frankly) will know that the last few years have seen something of a downturn in my own fortunes, along with the economic fortunes of the entire goddamn planet. Well, here's the good news: tomorrow is my first day as an actual, official Benjamin Moore employee.  It's good news in that although I've been working there since June of 2010, it's been in a freelance contractor capacity - which is bad both for morale and also for practical reasons, like benefits and (no shit) loan applications and the like.  That's America - Everybody loves an entrepreneur, but who gives a shit about the freelancers?

In many ways, I'm considering this upgrade to be the official end to my time underground, which started roughly in November of 2008.  At some point, I'll collect a bulleted list of befallen crap, but today is a day to celebrate the new list of halfway decent news, which has been growing longer since last August.

NOW!  Now is the time to get busy.  Or at least get drinking.  I'll buy the first round.


PS: And Karl - if your good news tomorrow is also happening, then I'm going to insist you buy the next round.


Karl said...

Good news? I've got good news? I think you will be buying a few rounds first my good sir.

Dave Kopperman said...


If nothing else, you can cover the tip.