Monday, June 23, 2014

Status, Please

So, what's been happening since April?  Somehow, nothing new of note, and simultaneously a schedule that's more packed than any I can recall.  The last three weeks have been given over to major housecleaning and renovation - the kitchen ceiling being the largest of the projects, and one that certainly has proven to be a challenge.  Albeit, a challenge that has now been mostly solved, with the timely arrival of Sean Scorsone and John Hurson as Ceiling Team B, as well as the rapid construction of two T-Braces.  Oh, T-Braces - you hold the whole ceiling in your hands.

And, as mentioned previously on these pages, I took advantage of the dumpster that was rented for the kitchen demolition and cleared quite a volume of stuff out of the basement.  Yes, there's still plenty of stuff to go through down there, and double yes, the attic wasn't touched, but the dumpster did go back to the leasing company about 3/4 full, which I'm considering a successful purge.

Purge Lite®?

I was largely spurred on in the scouring of the basement by a quick trip up to Hamden (CT) to assist in the scouring of a house up there - a house that was owned by a God's-honest hoarder.  My takeaway was two-pronged:

  1. Having seen what an actual hoarder's house looks like from the inside out, I can rest easy that I am NOT a hoarder, myself.  I make it to packrat, maybe, and,
  2. I need to live in a totally empty room.
Thankfully, the Great Hamden Scouring fell smack-dab in the middle of the week that I had the dumpster rented, so when I got back home, I was able to ramp up and keep trashing shit with a renewed vigor - an energy borne from some deep existential unease.


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