Thursday, April 2, 2009


Karl mentioned that the recent string of Ramblers since the reboot have been somehow comment proof. I'll allow him to explain that, but my take on it is that I have been (to a degree) kind of forcing some of these as I work through my bad patch. Apologies if some of these have been a little artificial.

There is an odd thing that happened with the Rambler since its inception back in 2007. Initially, I wrote it with no audience in mind. By that, I don't mean that I wasn't trying to play to the audience I had, I mean I literally thought no-one would read it, so it didn't matter what I wrote. Then I noticed that there actually were people reading it - most of whom are my friends, so there's nothing that ends up on here that would really be revelatory to any regular readers.

But the changeover was that I initially wrote the Rambler because I had the need for a regular creative outlet, and I did it just for myself. Now, when it's kind of a struggle to sometimes give enough of a shit to write anything, I think that I'm (in some small way) letting my friends down. And that gives me the energy to sit down and write my way through this nightly ritual. So, thank you - I do regard the Rambler as important in some way to my mental health, and I can't deny that I've cheered a little since I started back up again, and I wouldn't have done so if I didn't feel vaguely guilty for breaking some implied promise to you.

BTW: I keep forgetting to mention that the issue of Signal to Noise that features my Greenberger comic is out now. It looks like there are a few places to buy it in NYC, and if you're a real Dave completist, you could order it directly from their site. Buy a dozen - they make great party favors...



Christine said...

Speaking of obtaining your comic work, didn't you do a small run of some of your work a few months ago? Why have I still not seen this?

Dave Kopperman said...

You mean the Vomit Comics one shot? I thought I gave you one. I will bring it on Saturday if not.


Karl said...

They say you write better when you have a specific audience to write for, imagined or otherwise. If we help you keep writing, so be it.

(There, I forced myself to comment. I hope it doesn't feel forced.)