Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ghost in the Machine

Well, there it is: sometime in the last few weeks, when my back was turned, Beadboard Manor finally made an appearance on Google Street View. Thank God I wasn't masturbating in the front yard at the time.

Weird thing is, I can actually get pretty close to pinpointing the day the shot was taken - if you look closely, there's a hose lying in the driveway, which means that it's (most likely) the second Saturday of August, 2008. Because that's when I was prepping my driveway to reseal it, a project that was postponed for two weeks by a sudden bout of lousy weather. But as you can see, that day was a lovely one.

I experienced all of the thoughts and emotions that most people probably do upon seeing their residence online; 1) wow, neat, 2) is that exactly legal?, 3) I feel mildly violated, etc. But this particular image really makes me wish it were summer, again.



Karl said...

What are the chances of you not being caught masturbating in the front yard?!? The odds are staggering!

shaunian said...

I usually stand across the street from your house when I masterbate. Funny how we have missed eachother all this time.