Friday, June 12, 2009

Here Comes the Rain Again (Again)

Good Christ, but it's been raining an awful lot lately. Not so much raining at length, but the squalls that come are like God's Bathtub being violently upended over the house. And God's apparently feeling dirty these days, because - based on the available evidence- He just sighs and fills it back up, until a pissed angel (my money's on Uriel) comes and kicks it over again.

Annoyingly enough, the little leak in the office - which was essentially taken care of - has been acting up due to the sheer volume of water that's been sheeting down on the roof. The basement, on the other hand, has been remaining admirably dry, with only the expected water in the far right rear corner. It makes for that musty smell (note to self: ventilation!) that old houses seem to carry in these weathers. But that's just a matter of doing a better job of leading the gutters away from the rear of the house.

Which I'll do as soon as it stops fucking raining.

As far as the water leaking into the office, the best defense seems to be a pile of soft towels, since trying to catch the drops in containers just resulted in the water splattering everywhere. I'm sure there's a better fix to be made up on the roof - most likely, the water is getting in between the flashing and the siding near the little dining room rooflet (is it a gable?), and an application of tar seemed to take care of it a couple of years back. It's either time for another application, or something more drastic. Anyone know any unrain dances?


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