Monday, June 29, 2009

Do Not Adjust Your Self

Sorry for the interruption in service this past week - I suspect that the next couple of weeks will be like this as I attempt to get everything off my plate that's currently on it. Whether that means stuffing it down my throat or throwing it under the table, headway will be made.

In the meantime, I have the third (and most complicated) chapter in my struggles with Manga lurking incomplete in my drafts folder. Unsurprisingly, it's proving a little difficult to sum up almost three decades of thoughts on this remarkable culture that I know so little about - so that will likely go into the same holding mode as the fabled Pink Floyd reviews.

At any rate, I recommend that you track down and watch Virtuality, the new show from Ron Moore. It covers space exploration, virtual reality and reality shows, plus more. It's pretty good. Caution: it ends on several cliffhangers and there isn't a hope in hell of it getting picked up as a series, but I think it's still worth your time. Two hours of your time, to be exact.

You can watch it at Hulu or Fox. Hulu is grand, but I like the Fox player a little better - plus, no commercials (at least none when I watched it).



Unknown said...

Really? It's not going to get picked up as a series? The first hour I was sort of hating it, the second hour it sort of won me over... put it this way, I am ready and waiting for the next episode.

Unknown said...

I think the official line is that they're going to wait and see how the movie rates, but, come on - they put it up on Friday night, so it's pretty clear they're not putting any muscle behind it.

I think the first hour was deliberately offputting - you're almost not supposed to like these people, at first.

Is it just me, or was the whole thing very Alan Moore-ish? I nominate Peter Berg for the Watchmen remake...