Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Teeny Tiny

Let me tell you what this ongoing cold weather has done to me: I'm composing tonight's Rambler on my iPhone.  Which is a first.  And the reason I'm putting up with the insane tedium of typing long form on my iPhone?  Because I don't want to get out of the tub.  That's right, I'm rambling to you live from the bath.  Which is also a first.

Hey, that's two firsts in one post!  Impressive, no?

As a side note, for those out there who (like me) are attempting to knock off the winter weight?  Don't eat Mexican food.  It's the food where all the calories from all the other healthier, leaner foods go.  They do it just to go somewhere they feel wanted.

All right.  Time to de-tub and get in that bed, now that Yesenia's gotten it all warm.  If only there were a way to go instantly from the bath to bed, without the steps in between that will lower my body temperature.  Someone smart should get on that.


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DSEZ said...

You get used to typing with the onscreen iPhone/iPod keyboard. I wrote a large majority of POSTHUMOUS that way--pecking away on a tint screen with just my thumb.
The same goes for book 2--I'll write 1K-2K words at a time on a single train ride--just with my iPhone. Kills the battery, though, as you might imagine.