Saturday, January 17, 2009

16 Random Daves

There will likely be a Weekend Listening in time for MLK Day. I've been putzing around and working and not sure what to put up. I keep thinking I should post a song that reflects on the events of the coming week, but I just don't have that kind of back catalog.

In the meantime: I got flagged on Christine's '16 Random Things You Don't Know About Me, etc.' Facebook list - streaming proof that it's not, in fact, porn that drives the development of every new media, but chain mail. Anyway, rather than just post to my Facebook page, I figured I'd also put my '16 Things' here and let the Rambler have some of that chain-letter luck.

Dave's 16 Random Things About Him That You Probably Didn't Know:

1) He can remove the marrow from the bones of a living dog just by looking at it.

2) Was original member of the Beach Boys, later fired for beating Murray Wilson with a firehose.

3) If your body meets Dave's body coming through the rye, just let the magic happen.

4) Paid his way through college forging Caravaggios.

5) Cautions you against "it."

6) No. 6 redacted by the P.C.M.A. on the advice of their lawyers.

7) Once had a dream where the Devil said of a chuckling Fred Flintstone, 'This one's going to be a tough nut to crack.'

8) Is actually sampled at a 44100 bit rate, which is why he always seems a little slow.

9) Wonders why you don't call more often.

10) Is the world's sixty-fifth largest economy, after Angola.

11) Occasionally does voiceover work for industrial films.

12) Is the sole beneficiary of your estate.

13) Frequents equestrian stores, but waves away clerks, saying, 'Just looking.'

14) Owns 'Tubular Bells' on vinyl.

15) Is optimistic about his chances of seeing either the Zodiacal Light or the Green Flash in his time on Earth, despite the fact that he lives in the Northeastern United States and only very infrequently actually looks up.



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