Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Little Red-Haired Girl

Blah. Yesenia went out to dinner with some friends, while I festered about the home, eventually gave in and picked up some Wendy's for myself. It's pretty rare these days that I want anything like that, and even less frequently do I allow myself to have it even when I find I do want it. Tonight was apparently some kind of syzygy of emotional state, appetite, weather and ebbed self esteem, the solution to which was a Single and Biggie Fries. I didn't do the trifecta, though - usually, when I really want to punish myself, I top that off with a small Frosty (the brown one), but since I'm still doing the 'no sweets' thing, I had to leave off that last bit. Which is all right, I suppose; it's usually the Frosty that ends up driving me Squirtsville and kicking me out of the car right at the outskirts.

Anyhow, the meal was kind of a nice break from all of the real food I had over the holidays. That's the great thing about being American - sometimes you just want crap, and it's never more than five minutes away. And they'll just sell it to you, like it's no big deal.


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