Monday, January 5, 2009

Coding Break

I'm staying up late tonight (being Sunday, where I sit) to finish up a draft of a new clients website. And, curiously, I'm enjoying myself quite a bit. Which is a vanishingly rare event.

Every time I work on a site, I learn something new about tools and techniques. It used to be a huge drag to go through sites, even with the minor triumphs of figuring something out (or being told). But I seem to have passed some kind of threshold recently where I have enough background knowledge and know-how, so that the adding of method to the pile is genuinely gratifying.

On the other hand, I know that the stuff I'm learning is so incredibly basic that I'm a little embarrassed to mention it here, lest I open myself up to well-deserved comments mockery. So let's just leave it at me being, for once, happy with my work, and hope that it bodes well for 2009.

In fact, minus the flat tire, 2009 is going swimmingly so far - at least the 1% that's elapsed. But any real mention of upcoming hopes might bring the blog Luck Gods down on me, and their wrath is mighty and ironic. I'll fill you all in as things go along (or you can just ask me personally, you know, in real life).

Anyway, back to the site. See you tomorrow - and try to enjoy your first day back at work in the new year.


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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I love nights like that working on a site... learning new things on programs, aquiring skills you can use for future things.. on those rare occasions a sense of well-being comes over you... kind of in waves.. you literally feel it coursing through you.. and then exhaustion eventually takes over and you feel kind of sick afterwards..