Friday, July 3, 2009

Codin' Fool

All right - I've hit about the halfway point of the massive Everest of site-building that I want to get done before the first week of July is out. The big one is the new site for the Jamaican food company that the agency works for. It's had a fairly tortured and convoluted birth - mostly in the decision-making process of just what goes on the site and it what order. Even with most of that out of the way, the site itself is quite labor intensive. But it's coming together nicely, and I think we'll be going live sooner than later.

The second one is smaller and I really wanted to be done with it weeks ago - the mini-site for Putnam's new album. The question for this one wasn't 'what's going on it?,' but rather 'what's it going to look like?' It took me longer than I'd like to come up with a design I liked, and then once I found it, the site got caught in the pipeline behind the Jamaican site. Not so much that I didn't have time to do both (Putt's site really would only take a couple of hours once the design was sorted out), but you know how it is when one large project completely enervates you for doing anything even remotely related. Well, that's how it is for me, at any rate. Still, I made substantial headway on this tonight, and we should be live in a couple of days.

I will say this: it's probably my best-looking site, yet. Me loves the design.

Also in the music department: as soon as I finish Putt's site, my friend Noah - a jazz pianist, among other things - wanted to refresh his site. It's also, thankfully, past the starting gate in terms of finding a design that both Noah and I like (a little more faith on his part in the color department, since he's partly color-blind) - but the work of building the site and all that will likely take about 6-8 hours. Hopefully, that will be gotten to by this time next week. Under any other circumstances, I would have gotten to Noah's site before Putnam's since it's the larger of the two and I like to hit the big jobs first, but Putnam's album has been out for about a month, now, and there's only the smallest of blurbs up on his site about it.

In my defense: Putnam didn't even request the site upgrade until a couple of days after the album was released. Hint: this isn't really the best way to do things.

Also in the next couple of days will be a minor site upgrade for the Rockland accountant firm, and also lurking around the corner for them are two brand new sites, bringing the total number of complete sites we've done for them to four. One of their new sites has a fun technical angle I haven't tackled before - but, really, almost every site I produce does. Been learning this stuff in leaps and bounds. Really, at some point, I should break down and take classes in all those server-side issues that scare me so.

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