Monday, April 26, 2010

Glazing, Part Ia

Huh.  I just re-read yesterday's post and it occurs to me that I have nothing much further to add at this point, save that I've reintroduced a little bit of glazing in the most recent session, easing up on the amount of oil and laying it on very, very thin.  I'll do a follow-up when the painting is finished.  Work proceeds apace.

Anyway, today was meant to be a day of doing outdoor work - nailing down some flashing on the roof, painting the back porch (I tore up and replaced some rotted boards yesterday) and clearing out some of the smaller trees that stand on the back property line, but it rained enough to make both the porch and roof work either difficult or dangerous, and lack of a chainsaw made sure that I couldn't cut down any other trees or cut up the one I fell with an axe yesterday.

So what I did mostly was indoor stuff - laundry, etc.  I had planned to do a little more work on the painting in the early afternoon, but I slept late and decided to just bum around, for a change, and then went to see Roger McGuinn and John Sebastian in Tarrytown with Jim, plus dinner beforehand.  The tickets were a birthday gift from Yesenia, who was supposed to be my companion, but her surprise trip meant that I had to find someone to go in her place, which turned out to be surprisingly difficult.  Thankfully, Jim is usually up for any concert, and the fact that it was right over the bridge made it an easy sell.

The verdict on the show was that I loved every minute of it, while Jim really liked Sebastian and was mostly bored by McGuinn.  I could see the point - McGuinn was great but maybe a little distant, and his performance was less dynamic than Sebastian, who turned out to be a great musician and raconteur, which I hadn't known.  Sebastian's voice sounded a bit like he'd spent the 70's gargling gravel (or he'd had half his vocal cords removed and donated to Randy Newman), but McGuinn sounded exactly the same as he did forty-five years ago.

I personally found the McGuinn set really moving, for reasons I can't quite put in to words, but that's pretty much par for the course with me and The Byrds.  And maybe that's why I love them so much.


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