Friday, April 2, 2010

Suck All You Want, We'll Leak More

I'm guessing the water-table is still pretty high, since I've been down in the basement vacuuming out puddles and the pumps have been kicking in on a pretty frequent basis, but more just keeps coming back in - not deep, and not too far; just around the edges and the merest sliver of a puddle. But it is pretty remarkable.

Thankfully, it's warm enough that I felt all right about leaving the windows open down there, so the place is counter-intuitively less stuffy than it's been all winter. I just have another hour or so of clean-up to get through - more stuff off the floor, mostly trash to go out. I'll say this about the water: it did finally get up a lot of that plaster dust that's been on the floor since the basement was demolished back in 2007.

The biggest inconvenience is that I'd planned on having a jam down there tomorrow. The jam is still on, but now it's in Westchester, and I have to cart a bunch of gear over with me to facilitate it. Funny - I used to have no problem carting my 88-key Rhodes all over Providence by myself, up and down rickety, steep and narrow staircases to play parties in the century-old houses that now serve as outer-housing for RISD and Brown students. Now I get exhausted just thinking about moving a microphone stand.


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