Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sudden Valley

Yesenia quite literally just took a surprise trip to Puerto Rico this morning.  We were trying to figure out the best time for her to get down there before she went back to work - the cost of fares was initially too steep, but then they came down (and she opted to fly out of JFK, which cut another hefty chunk off), and she made the decision yesterday afternoon and bought the tickets.

And so we did the usual 3 AM drive out to JFK this morning, a mixed blessing of a drive.  On the one hand, I made the entire round trip in about 90 minutes - it would take about three hours at any other time.  On the other hand - it's 3-fucking-AM.  Nothing makes me happy to wake up at that hour and drive through Queens.

Only thing that leaves up in the air is another ticket for things that fly - for my birthday, Yesenia bought us both tickets to see former Byrd Roger McGuinn this coming Sunday.  Well, she's not getting back until next Tuesday, so that leaves me dateless for my birthday gift.  Dave sad now.  I do hope to find someone interested in going with me, so that at least the ticket doesn't go to waste (a contribution to the price wouldn't hurt either).  Somehow, the idea of going to my birthday show alone seems deeply pathetic.


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