Monday, August 2, 2010

Better Judgment

Back to the gym for the first time in many months, this evening, on the same day that I started my diet.  So, of course, tonight was pizza night at the gym.  Yesenia could avoid it easily, and I found myself idiotically envying her her dairy allergy.  I knew willpower was not enough for me, and only the threat of the food actually making me ill would keep me away from it.

Yes, I ate a slice.  But I didn't eat a second one, and that's got to count for something.

The goal here is to lose - oh, let's say fifteen pounds - by my birthday.  And if the gym won't play along, well... is it my fault that there's no part of 'free pizza' that I disagree with?

Sometime later this week, I'll post an official start weight, and do my best to keep track of my progress here.  Exciting, no?  If nothing else, it should make for some entertainingly terse and cranky Ramblers.


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