Sunday, August 22, 2010

Driving With Sand

Took a semi-planned trip down to Point Pleasant today - I'm sure pictures from the trip will turn up on Yesenia's Facebook page at some point in the next couple of days.  The day was overcast but warm and bright, and the beach was just crowded enough to feel like summer without overdoing it.

The only shame in the trip just being the two of us was that we couldn't go into the water to play at the same time.  As it was, we each took turns, with Yesenia taking a short dip while I struggled with leveling up my math skills in advance of Calculus (next week!), and then I went in for about half an hour, where I got my ass handed to me by the surf over and over.  Really took a pounding - largely because the beach there drops of quickly and the surf breaks high and fast right at the sand.  Also because I'm a big galloot who falls down hard.

By the end of my Atlantic sojourn, I'd drifted about 50 yards down the beach from where I'd first gotten in.

Of course, I did get my Kohr Bros. mint/chocolate frozen custard, a near-perfect expression of the flavors - the mint is spot-on (if a little sweet), but the chocolate is a little too quiet.

And the rest was the usual; boardwalk, skee ball, photo booth, etc.  One sign of change: we had veggie burgers at the big food pavilion, and they were actually extremely good.


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