Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Semi-Bummer Weekend

This weekend decided for itself in advance that both Yesenia and I would be in a mood.  Work related, seasonal mood affective disorder, we both got our period, you name it.  For whatever reason, we went into the weekend unenthusiastically and the weekend delivered as promised, as far as mood.

Which is odd, since a) we got a lot done around the house on Saturday, which always brings good vibes, and b) Ansley and Mariangela came over and hung out for hours, which was something I'd been looking forward to all week.

On (a): while Yesenia cleaned, mopped and vacuumed around the first floor, I gave my car the cleaning it's been needing for about two years.  I cleared out all the crap, dragged the vacuum outside and gave it the once over, shined the dash, and took the trunk cover out of the shed and put it back in for the first time in years.  I even went so far as to order new mats for it (although I drew the line at installing the new rosewood dash), meaning that it's going to look nicer than it has in about a decade.  Mats should be here end of next week, meaning I have something to look forward to.

After that, I took it to be washed at the extra-deluxe mondo cleaners, and realized that a car wash is really only about as good as the age of the paint job, so the car looked pretty much the same with the 'Ultra-Works' package as it would if I spat on it and then rubbed it down with my elbow.

Then it was a flurry of random stuff; took the deposits in and got $5 for my troubles, dragged about 200 pounds of fallen tree from the backyard curbside, blew the $5 on Carvel with chocolate dip.  The only thing I was stymied in was in trying to find a replacement power supply for my car CD player.  I realize I'm hopelessly behind the times, but we have one iPod and it's Yesenia's, and I really dig my pre-roadtrip routine of digging through the CD rack to find the albums I think I'm going to want to listen to for the trip.  Always a lot of Byrds, Patton Oswalt and David Cross, although hope springs eternal that I'll suddenly get a bug up my ass to listen to that Wilco album that I own but just sits in my spinner rack.

Yesenia then made an amazing Mediterranean dinner; hummus and babaganoush from scratch, salad with mint, etc.  Chilled bottles of Vinho Verde and the breeze out on the porch, with the music coming through the big screens.  Ansley & Mariangela then came over and we finished off the dinner, and Ansley and I had an epic heart-to-heart (more like spleen-to-spleen) and then all day today, Yesenia and I hung out on the couch with the windows open (again!) and watched hour after hour of Enterprise and then had Chinese Fooooood, and...

...actually, when the whole thing is written out like that, it sounds like a really great weekend.  Note-to-future-self: remember that this was a weekend when you were in a bad mood.  You're a weird guy, Dave.


Note: credit to Harvey Pekar for the perfect title for this one.

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