Tuesday, August 24, 2010

While I Was Sleeping

I experienced a very odd phenomenon earlier today - one I think unique in my life.  I sat down at the piano to work out a little bit.  I haven't really played in a few months and my piano chops - we can call them that just for the sake of argument - were pretty flaccid.  But I've been trying to build back to functionality as a musician, and you've got to start somewhere.

About five or ten minutes in, I had the weirdest sensation - as if I were waking up.  And not just from a brief nap, but from a months- or years-long slumber.  A feeling like a veil being lifted.  Nothing so simple as just remembering how to play, but something deep inside was sparked that obviously had felt neglected or abandoned, and was stretching outside of its cave, blinking in the light.



Unknown said...

That's how I hope it feels when I start to draw again. Soon. Oh, very soon.

Dave Kopperman said...

Let's hope so - you're too good to NOT be drawing.

I didn't have that kind of moment when I started drawing again in my mid-30s. I don't know if it was so gradual or if I have a different attachment to music than drawing (I do), but the moment I experienced with drawing was more of a begrudging 'all right' from that part of my brain. Resigned to the idea that this is what I do and I might as well relax and enjoy what I CAN do with it than be reduced to full-anxiety by stressing out about the things I can't.