Sunday, January 23, 2011


Alright - it's literally like finishing the NYC Marathon sometime in mid-December, but this entry is the Rambler pulling itself past yet another (and increasingly abstract) milestone.  The 8ooth Rambler!  What does it mean?

- Chances are good it means nothing, but you might want to check your shoes
- That tickle at the back of your calf is impetigo
- HTML5 is done - welcome to HTML7 (HTML6 was still sleeping)
- Feel the heat, burning you up from inside
- Feel the heat, burning you up - ready or not!
- All those Rambler commemorative collector's plates you bought back in 2007 will stop dropping in value.*

*Not because the plates will increase in value, but because they are literally now worth $0.00, and therefore cannot drop any further.  There will be a quarterly 'ownership' charge that you will now be obligated to pay for continued ownership.  It is a federal felony to attempt to dispose or divest yourself of the plates in any way, including defenestration, regifting or drunken skeet-shooting.

Anyway, I'm back to coding for the next couple of hours, then going bowling, so I'll leave you to enjoy your soup.


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