Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rock Sucks, and Then You Die

Watched 'The Runaways' on DVD the other day, and talk about a missed opportunity.  Performances were good, and somewhere in there is a good story.  But the film was directed as if Floria Sigismondi saw Oliver Stone's Doors biopic and thought that every rock movie had to be an endless stream of drug-addled slo-mo and sound collage.  I would probably blame the scriptwriter, but she takes that role as well, so (as Tom Lerher would say), who deserves the credit?  Who deserves the blame?  Floria Sigismondi is her name.  Her first film, too.

I'd like to recommend it on the strength of the brave performances by the girls, particularly Dakota Fanning, but there's just nothing there for them to latch on to, no story, no emotional core, no nothing.  Pfft.

Great music, though.


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