Sunday, April 15, 2012


Weekends heading into Spring are still an adjustment.  Away from the nesting instinct of Fall and Winter, but still not quite driven by the desire to get out and absorb all of the vitamin D and ultraviolet radiation your body can handle.  Being as I'm whiter than white and already have things on me that I should get a good dermatologist to look at, I try to stay as much out of the sun as possible even when I'm in it.  But we're not at that time of the year, yet.

So today is a day of more cleaning, inside and out, and a time when the two divided spaces seem to blend a bit.  The plants went out to the porch, and the windows were opened.  The laundry went up on the line for the first time this year, and were it not for the threat of possible rain and the clouds blotting much of the direct sunlight, they'd come in all completely dry.  As it is, the t-shirts and blouses and even the jeans all were dry to the touch after an hour - just those heavier clothes and some synthetics take more time to dry.  That's okay - a quick tumble in the dryer on what they call the 'touch-up cycle' and we're good to go.

Some people take Spring more seriously, I suppose.  Yesenia is having a last local visit with a couple that's pulling up and moving to Asheville, North Carolina.  Which, by the way, looks fucking beautiful.  I'll have to see if we can take a drive there sometime.  The South is kind of starting to open up in that way - as time passes, more and more friends and acquaintances have spread themselves out down the Eastern seaboard.

But that's a trip for a future Spring.  The time frame that Spring seems most in tune with is 'now.'  Fall is about the past, and Winter is about the future, but Spring and Summer have the retention and judgement of a small child - everything is happening for the first time, and it will only go on forever.


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