Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday, Muddy Sunday

One of the things I like about life in the suburbs is the rhythm (or rut) that you fall into when you've managed to tamp down a lot of the bigger problems.  Yes, it's always nice to have a schedule, sometimes to distract from aggravation, sometimes to give form to aimlessness, sometimes to allow you to prioritize time when time itself is a rare commodity.  But there's a special kind of pattern that emerges when you don't have too much to do and you don't have to bury yourself in freelance work to make ends meet, or anything else that adds negative energy to your life.

Yesterday was a good case in point.  The master bedroom is certainly a major project that needs to be finished (for the record, initial demolition on the room started around this time last year, so it's been officially too long). We're at the plastering stage, and it's obviously the kind of work that's more tedious and time-consuming than it is difficult.  But tedious and time-consuming aren't a real problem for me - it's experiencing them solo. Standing on a ladder for hours ladling goop on the ceiling with only the radio for company is a drag.

So I finally thought to ask people to come and help me complete it.  Sean Scorsone was the first of invitees to donate his time, and there are currently two more lined up (Jim and Karl) - not quite enough to finish it, but enough people and man-hours to get over a big hump of crap.  And it was actually fun, in that whitewash the fence kind of way.

Afterwards, Bran came by and Yesenia cooked pizza and the four of us ate, and drank and kibitzed and then the three musicians jammed for a little while.  And it was just a good evening.  Homemade pizza is the new Saturday tradition, and I always enjoy eating, drinking and jamming, in no particular order.  And today is the laundry and housecleaning day - housecleaning and laundry float from Friday to Sunday, depending on what else needs to be done.

And everything is nice and relaxed and fun.  Soon, we're heading out to buy (among other things) new cushions for the porch chairs so that the Summerporch can begin.  Which is niceness and relaxedness and fun given physical form.

Summer breeze makes me feel fine, don't you know.  With two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard - now, everything is easy because of, etc.


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