Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'll Have What I'm Having

The last two or three days have been highlighted - more like lowlighted - by a huge wave of enervation.  Which actually may be the result of an outside agency, and not just me getting mopey.  Most likely, it's the pollen.  Either that, or I've suddenly got mono, which would be really odd.  I can't remember - does mono leave you glassy-eyed and feeling like you're just one sneeze away from either waking up or going to sleep at any moment?

Yesterday, I woke up when I heard Yesenia leaving for work, but 'woke up' is far too strong and definitive a term for what actually happened, which was more like slowly seeping into my body from somewhere else and not quite being able to operate it properly.  I tried to say 'love you,' but couldn't even muster a grunt.  Now that's beat.

Hopefully, it will pass in time for the weekend.  Not that I've got anything going on, but I hate to be sick on a weekend just on principle.


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