Monday, April 30, 2012

The Thoughts of Monday

Really don't have much on the brain today - Yesenia had drinks in the city with a friend, and when she got home, we had a late dinner of pancakes and sausage.  Pancakes and sausage at 8:30 PM on a Monday - it's the type of thing you only do if you're an adult or if you're a kid in a John Hughes movie.

Right now, we're tangled on the couch, with me blogging (obviously) and Yesenia crocheting yet another in her insanely good baby blankets.  When she does so, she occasionally sings and hums little snippets of Spanish music.  Add that in with the digesting breakfast/dinner, and it's all very good for feeling completely content, but probably not so good for spurring the mind into thoughts worth recording.

And, yes - the sausage was vegetarian, of course.  Even when I did eat meat, I never did like sausage, so I can honestly say that this stuff is way better than the real thing.  Mostly, meat substitutes fail when they try to be like meat, but let's face it - the stuff that's in real sausage is far enough away from actual meat for the most part that going that extra step and leaving meat behind altogether is a plus.

If you try it, I strongly recommend the chipotle.


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