Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dr. Sleepenstein

Two late nights out in a row. Last night I totally forgot to blog - gotta watch that! Tonight won't be any better, and this is pretty much another place holder for tomorrow.

Plenty to write about for the coming week: a couple of movie reviews, a rant about Paul McCartney's much maligned foray into children's music, and other things. I'll finish off the story of my first portfolio loss tomorrow and then take a break from that for a few days. I find it much harder to write a directed narrative than to just sit down and spew for a few paragraphs on a random subject.

Perhaps that's why we call this the Subway Rambler, not the "Subway Storyteller."

Since the second story of art loss takes place at the end of my sophomore year at RISD, I suspect that I'm going to lead up to it with a lot of reflection on my time at that august institution. Hopelessly square suburban cartoonist can't make time with cute art chicks - that kind of thing. FIlm at 11.


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