Monday, October 1, 2007

A Whole Big Day of Nothin'

We had company yesterday for brunch, so much, much work was done around the house before their arrival. And today, I wanted to continue the forward momentum, but, boy. Inertia is my constant companion on days like this.

Whoof. Even typing is too much effort for me. Here's a nice song you've probably never heard. Completely ignore the pre-song blather, or actually listen to it and marvel at how such vapid inanities can come out of Graham Nash's mouth, and how David Crsoby can fire back with a couple of really smug assholisms, but then they shut up and start to play, and it. Really. Is. The. Most. Beautiful. Sound. In. The. World.

I can't work out why Crosby doesn't get more respect as a songwriter. He's one of the best. Here's how good he is: this song only exists as a live version, which sort of translates as 'filler.' But I would give several minor organs to have written this song. Come to think of it, Crosby did give at least one major one...

Why they didn't think this couldn't be some kind of hit is a mystery to me, but I blame the living wall of ego, Stephen Stills. Well, that and the fact that Crosby never wrote a hit song at the other three had - being Nash ("Our House," "Teach Your Children," "Carrie-Anne"), Neil Young ("Old Man") and Stills ("Suite: Judy Blue Eyes,""Love the One You're With") had and would. That's gotta suck, being the only non-rainmaking partner in the firm. I guess he was just used to that from his time in the Byrds.

This song is like Simon and Garfunkel, minus all that cutesy poet schtick that Paul Simon ladled on everything. There's your marketing angle: Crosby & Nash: "Simon and Garfunkel for Grownups." And be on the lookout for the high note that Nash tries to go for but misses at around 4:11. And the head-shaking, "Darn, I fucked it up. Oh well." What a neat little humanizing bit. Where did all our pop-stars like this go? Sure, Nash was a goofy airhead, and Crosby, again, is the picture in the dictionary under "Smug." But at least they're backing it up with sheer musical talent, and a unique vision. And a brand-new liver... that's gotta help, some.



Anonymous said...

Just so's you know, I bought this track off of itunes. Really beautiful and haunting. I almost like the TV version better. Man, I wish they'd make those nifty 60s mics that look like a 2001 Space Odessy prop again (micing the acoustics). They sound great and look cool.

Sorry so late to comment. I had to sit down and learn the song at work, much to my cubicle mates chagrin.

Dave Kopperman said...

There's a few on iTunes - the one that's (I guess) the first, official version is the one from "Four Way Street."

I'd be very interested in hearing your version of this.