Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Bear No Responsibility for the Content of This Blog

This is basically an experiment I am actually using back to dictate to produce this blog. I am also not going to add it any of the results. So if anything seems non-grammatical, strange, or even nonsensical, blame the software. Paragraph. Well, it looks like I don't know how to make a

Period and period enter it and see what I tell you? Things get very strange, particularly when you maintain a rule of not making any corrections. What I was trying to say before I so rudely interrupted myself was, quotation well it looks like I don't know how to make a

Then a if. If. Paragraph. Enter. I can't seem to work out what the word paragraph does. Sometimes it makes a

What is happening is that when I say the word of new followed by the word paragraph, it does in fact, create a new... paragraph.

Curiously, it's a lot more difficult to compose a blog with any sense of structure or thought flow in this method. Because I'm so conditioned to form in my thoughts using the keyboard. So I apologize for not only the rambling quality of the Rambler, but the clear misuse of the English language.

What Dictate is best for other moments delete. Start again. What dictate is best for our the moments when it doesn't understand exactly what you're trying to say. So I think to leave you this evening, I will give you the POR... oh wait. I did not say oh wait. I said keep your. No, I said, the pew or a. Thought it. It's.

Here is some to your. No here is some total nonsense for you. Got else I can as the vibe and I found the LDAP to have the period. When dictate doesn't understand what you're saying, it just makes shift up. For example, much of the above, and this bit right here: and at August met and our stead of together via the led by on the lap I've put back on a knack in the that now.




Karl said...

That was totally ouch. No. Wait. I think start again. When

So uses of this soft hair. Stop. Delete, I

Anyhow, interesting word uses, I can sea the ad vantage , delete. Stop. Why you would use this.

Life was easier when it was pen based. Of course you

Anonymous said...

Is this what the interview will read like? haha

Dave Kopperman said...

Oh, yeah - I was expecting that it wouldn't be up for the task of transcribing, and was I ever right. It just seizes right up - talk too fast and it doesn't know what to do.

BTW: I got the WC (you really didn't need to overnight, you know - that's expensive!), thanks. I haven't yet listened to Trans side one, but I will when I'm done with the transcript, which is moving along fine.


Anonymous said...

yeah i didnt realize how expensive and by the time I did, it was too late.. no matter now..