Sunday, May 4, 2008

Silence is Copper

Sorry for the absence from this weekend - I had a freelance illustration assignment on Friday that took all of my creative energies, and then Saturday was an all-day Kopperman family affair, with bowling at Lucky Strikes (my mom can bowl! who knew?) and then an 80's theme/housewarming party at my stepsister's new apartment in Nyack. For those not Rockland savvy, Nyack is what passes for an arts community here in the county.

So neither day left me the kind of energy I need to break out a piece of audio from my clueless past and deconstruct it. Next weekend, which looks fairly open, perhaps I'll make it a two-fer.

Today, Yesenia's high school friend came out to the house (from Brooklyn) and we did a little prep for his upcoming show - he's a beginning guitarist who just finished a program at some guitar school or other and wants to celebrate with an acoustic barrage of 80's music. I'm doing two with him - I Won't Back Down by Tom Petty and Desperado by the Eagles. I know Desperado isn't an 80's song, but he originally chose Summer of '69 as the other song I would do with him, and that was both something that I didn't think would translate well to beginner acoustic (with matching vocals) as well as being a song I never particularly cared for, so I looked through his iPod for a song he would know well enough to substitute, and Desperado was the most likely candidate.

Of course, maybe I've been colored in my judgement by this version:

Possibly the best benefit of the day was that Yesenia went all out for a home cooked meal, which she doesn't do as frequently as I'd like. So I'm guessing we need to have more guests that she wants to impress over for dinner...


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