Monday, May 5, 2008

The Living Room

Got in late from practice - I think I'm finally getting "Dogs" together in a way I can live with. Lots of leaping around from keyboard to keyboard on that song, which is funny, because it's not a song that most people would say, "Oh, yah! Tons of keyboard on that!," but there's so much textural stuff, all mixed way in the back. Hell, even the keyboard solos are mixed way down, as if foreshadowing Rick Wright's departure from the band on the next album.

Still, so many little things to worry about keeping in order - I feel a bit like Madonna, getting my dance routine right while hitting the cue just so for the costume change.

Yesenia exiled me from blogging in the bed, tonight, so I'm writing this from the living room. It occurs to me that I don't believe I've ever blogged from here before. An historic occasion if ever there were one! Huzzah.

Anyhow, I've fallen behind on email over the weekend, so I think I'm going to take what end-of-day energy I have left (which I really should be putting towards a dealership brochure that's due tomorrow, but I can't even think about that) towards that. Good night/morning.



Anonymous said...

Theres a ton of keyboards on Dogs during that 20 million year lull in the middle of it with the dog barks fading and distorting... how close to the record are you on that? must be annoying to play..

Dave Kopperman said...

The band maintains a policy (that I don't fully agree with) of strict fealty to the recordings. I'm getting a pass on the "Dogs" solo - the one that comes in about halfway through the lull (roughly 10 million years in, I guess) - because it'd be fiendishly hard to reproduce exactly.

For starters, I'd need my other hand free to work the various filters that are dialed in and out, but it's busy with the chords. Secondly, the portomento makes it hard to detect just what notes he's striking when. And I think there may be more than one track playing. It's one of those things like the reversed wah in Echoes - the set-up is the soloist, and the player has minimal input to what happens. At least if the player is me.

So I've programmed a reasonable waspy sawtooth sound with too much portomento and kind of waffle away for however long the solo is. Curiously, I kind of enjoy the section, now, but I never used to. Big mistake for them to mix the solo so far down - the song needs it.