Monday, July 13, 2009

King of the Mountain

Did the semi-annual trek up to Storm King Art Center today with Yesenia, a trip I've made so many times over the last fifteen years that I've honestly lost track of how many times I've been and with whom. Always a reliable day in the outdoors with neat things to see (those that are 'friends' with Yesenia on Facebook can view the pictures), and the point of going with different people is that you always get to see it with new eyes and have different, interesting conversations about it.*

Of course, since Yesenia is my favorite person, a trip with her anywhere is generally the best version of anyplace that I'll ever experience. But she does make it hard for me to focus on the art.


*For example: a completely impenetrable (yet charming) fumetti from Walrus Comix about the place.


Christine said...

Another artistic day-trip suggestion: Vassar's art gallery (which I've told you has a decent collection of Hudson River school) has an exhibition of watercolors going on:

Yesenia likes watercolors, right? It's an hour and a half from Tappan, easy drive - if you go up, take 9D, don't listen to any of the online programs, 9D takes the same amount of time as all the others but is far prettier.

Unknown said...

Yes! I do want to go. Near the CIA?


Christine said...

Not far from it - CIA's about 15 minutes further up.

To Vassar (the pretty route):
- PIP to Bear Mountain Bridge
- Left onto 9D as soon as you get off the bridge
- After about 50 minutes, you'll see signs for Route 9 North - follow 'em and get on
- After 5-10 minutes on Route 9, take exit for Route 113 Spackenkill Road
- Left (at second light I think? might be first) onto Wilbur
- Take Wilbur to the end and then make a right onto Hooker
- Left at light onto Raymond Avenue (the street Vassar's on)
- Go in the main gate (there's a traffic circle there now) and you're there!