Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Night of the Living Dave

Make that 'nights,' since this current week is being marked by very late nights full of all sorts of catch-up work. Almost almost almost done with the previously Rambled Jamaican food website - then one of our few remaining car dealers is undergoing a branding change that I have to churn out both radio and logos for. Putnam's site has been left at the threshold, agonizingly close to the finish line but must wait until at least tomorrow to finish it off.

What else? Who knows. It's almost exactly 2 AM as I type this, and the second floor and attic fans have done their jobs, so I'm going to go crawl under the blankets and steal some of Yesenia's warmth. See you tomorry.



Christine said...

Forgot to tell you - I noticed your Jamaican beef patties at BJ's.
(This whole comment just sounds dirty...)

Unknown said...

Have you tried them? I think they're pretty damn good. More calories than a box o' donuts, of course.