Sunday, June 10, 2007

Daytime/Nighttime Suffering

Well, so I listened to Memory Almost Full again, today - while putting up the dining room ceiling, and you'll have to discount a good portion of my griping, yesterday. Turns out there's a good number of good songs on it. A couple of clunkers, to be sure, and the lyrics are a little lamer than usual, but there's some real Paul Goodness on it. SO, if you were planning on getting it, don't listen to me yesterday. Listen to me today.

It sounds like I'm turing into either Kevin Nealon or Dana Carvey. But you know what I mean.

Beyond that, the day was taken up with mostly house stuff - basement, the aforementioned dining room, and lawning. "Lawning" (coined by me, here) meaning the combined acts of weeding, mowing and seeding/fertilizing/watering. There was also a lot of sneezing in there, as most of my lawning tends to be. Meanwhile, Yesenia dd some cleaning and then cleared out fro a toddler's birthday party for most of the day.

Later on, I joined her at a friend's house, and we played thee Trivial Pursuit "Pop Culture DVD Edition." Me versus the three of them and it was one of my nights where even what I thought were wrong guesses turned out to be right. For example, did you know that Calvin Trillin wanted to have Spaghetti Carbonara replace the Thanksgiving Turkey? Neither did I, but I guessed him anyway, because I couldn't remember the name of the journalist I was thinking of. So, is that winning on fair or foul terms? I guess that depends if you play pool so strict that you have to call every shot and those you don't make are a scratch.

Anyway, reading between the lines, you can see it was pretty much a productive day. Somewhere in tomorrow's schedule of events, I have a small mountain of work for the agency to get to, so we'll see just how cheery the next Rambler is. But for now, it's Saturday night, and I'm ready for bed.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with an odd article by the great cartoonist Tim Kreider. Not odd because the article itself is odd, but because it seems to be a non-sequitur from the rest of his work. It's a critical analysis - and a favorable one, at that - of one of my favorite dark horse films, A.I. Might not be anything anyone wants to read, but I was happy to read it.

If nothing else, take a moment to look around the site at Kreider's cartoons. Even though his subjects are always "torn from the latest headlines" in the best sense, his work seems to have a timeless quality that makes it seem like Tenniel cartoons from Victorian-era Punch magazine, or something. And take a moment to read the comments for each cartoon (particularly his entry in the Iranian Holocaust cartoon contest).


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