Friday, June 22, 2007

The Waiting Game

What a fucked up day, can I tell you? I woke at 5 AM to note Yesenia was absent. Turned out she was having abdominal pains, and was taking a bath. That's not entirely uncommon, so I went back to bed. About half an hour later, I awoke to hear her crying in bed next to me. It was pretty bad, so we went to the emergency room.

To cut a long story short - and bear in mind, we arrived at the hospital at 6 AM but didn't get the final diagnosis until 3 PM, so I'm really compressing this narrative for you - she has gall stones, it's acute, and she's in the hospital tonight to have her gall bladder removed Saturday afternoon.


I'm home now - been up since 5:30 or so, was at the hospital most of the day (about 14 hours or so). I'm totally beat and should be able to sleep. Surprisingly, fighting off that voice of anxiety shouldn't even be so hard, given my current level of exhaustion.

Anyway, anyone who reads this this weekend, Yesenia would be more than happy to hear from you. She'll be home and bedridden this coming week, so cards and flowers would be appreciated, as well.


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