Thursday, June 28, 2007

Summer Vacation

Well, I'm kind of breaking through the logjam, which is good. I'm looking forward to clearing some time and actually taking a vacation for the end of July - heading North. Various friends are involved in theatrical art, and it seems like a short trip through NEw England to view will be nice. Of course, this is the vacation second prize, since Yesenia has eaten through her vacation days for the year. I want nothing more than to take a vacation with my wife, my favorite person. She can't, and I still need to vacate, badly.

Seems when late June rolls around, I always feel this way. Trapped and unable to get away, or able to go - but go alone. Allow me to quote myself, here:

We should drive far away for the summer.
Where the sun meets the waves…
That’s where I think we should stay.
But I’m so good at tying down,
I don’t get up, now.
So the rays start to fade
Maybe next year, holiday…

I can’t deny, I still worry, still worry.
But you rely on knowing that it all will be alright.
And you say, “Why? Don’t worry, don’t worry…
You get beside yourself, but, no, it doesn’t change a thing.”
So I calm down, down, down…

See the sky roll away, with the summer.
Over hills, glowing green,
For somebody else to see.
So it has come to pass: exchanging pleasantries.


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