Friday, June 1, 2007

Statute of Limitations

All right. Yesenia's been gone for a week, and that's long enough. I'm functioning fine - mostly because I have so much on my plate that I can keep myself occupied during all waking hours - but we're about to head into the weekend and that's when I'll really start to feel it.

I've never been particularly good on my own, but I've gotten better in recent years. Looks like about ten days is my limit. Lord knows how I'll handle it if Yesenia ever decides to take an extended trip, to Puerto Rico or elsewhere. I'll have to prep in advance and order the entire run of some show I missed the first time around. Enterprise? As a rule, I like all things Star Trek, and I've liked Scott Bakula since Quantum Leap, so you'd think it'd be a done deal, but somehow, I only caught a few episodes of this during the original run.

In the interim, I've gotten a few movies on deck - rewatched Nemesis, and felt (as I did when I saw it in the theater) that it's unjustly maligned. Perfectly entertaining Trek, although I'll admit that the Romulans were an odd choice for a center stage villain. The "Data Leap" is up there with my favorite film moments, and I wish they hadn't given that one away in the trailer, because seeing it cold would have been pretty neat. I also rented First Contact, which I'll get to sometime this weekend. And I just borrowed the Wrath of Kahn Director's 'Edition' (whatever that means) from Karl, so I'll have me a mini-Trekathon this weekend.

Watched Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny last night. Really slow opening, but once the duo is joined, there's some very funny moments. Dave Grohl's Satan steals the show, though. After I dropped the DVD back in the mail to BB Online, I regretted not watching the "Rock-Off" sequence again, which was a pretty masterful bit of editing for effect. Don't know why, but given all of the cameos in the film (Stiller as a burned out music store guru, Tim Robbins as - well, some kind of Eastern European bum with one leg), Will Ferrell was nowhere to be found. And no-one does burned out music industry relic better than Will Ferrell. Four SNL cases in point (which I'd Google and link to if I weren't so beat right now) being the " Glenn Frey Seduction Video, (with Ben Stiller) " the "Bass off (with Jack Black)," the "Neil Diamond Storyteller's Special (with John Goodman)," and, of course, "Don't Fear the Reaper." I mean, Ferrell practically invented the visual of the pudgy, burned out rocker, so...? I was disappointed, but he doesn't seem to do too many cameos anymore.

Ah, what the hell. They're all linked above, except for that bass-off sketch, which doesn't seem to rate even much of a mention on-line. Oddly, a Google video search for 'SNL bass-off Black Ferrell' turned up about 12 amateur soft-core lesbian slips, and that's it. What's that about.

So, in lieu of the lost "Bass-Off," here's another classic bass sketch for you: "The Mother, the Father, the Serpent, the Priest."



Unknown said...

"Enterprise" is a really good show. I think maybe the best of any of them. I missed it the first time around, too. But watching it now and again on Sci-fi, I have yet to see an episdoe that was less than excellent, that didn't suck me in in thirty seconds or less.
Also, I finally saw "Idiocracy" and I loved it. I can totally see why the studio dumped it at the last second, though. It cuts way too close to the bone. Half of Middle America would be like, what? and half would be like that was funny... that was funny?

Dave Kopperman said...

Oh, I always enjoyed it when I watched it, but it came on in the period when I was getting away from TV in general. It may also be that it followed too closely on the heels of "Voyager," which really wore out a lot of my Trek good will in its seven years - which made up about three good years of TV.

Of course, the uncontested best Trek is "Deep Space Nine."

"Idiocracy" was funny (although I think your average episode of "Futurama" covers the same material with greater humor consistency), and I think that the "Fuddruckers" joke is one of the best, ever - the fact that it's still just a family restaurant even with the extreme name change is just drop dead brilliant.

Dave Kopperman said...

Does Catherine watch "Enterprise" with you?